Since its market appearance, PrimaTech s.r.o. has supplied utility facilities to buildings throughout the Czech Republic. Each year we take part in the realization of building utility facilities with prominent construction companies of long-standing tradition operating on the Czech market, such as Metrostav a.s., Skanska CZ a.s., PRŮMSTAV A.S., Hochtief CZ a.s., VCES a.s., and Podzimek a synové s.r.o.
The Reference Sheet lists commissions done by the company between 1993 and 2015.


As part of commission preparation, PrimaTech s.r.o. provides all stages of the design documentation as requested and required by the clients. The following is a listing of the major designs developed by the company as part of its business.
The Reference Sheet lists designs developed by the company between 1993 and 2015.


PrimaTech s.r.o. provides and contracts comprehensive servicing and inspection of utility facility deliveries in completed buildings or as required by our clients. All servicing and inspection work is done on a contractual or purchase order basis. We provide both guarantee and post-guarantee servicing; provision of high-quality services and long-term and mutually beneficial co-operation with our clients are our top priorities.
The Reference Sheet lists the commissions on which we perform regular servicing or inspection.

Service car     Service car     Service car


PrimaTech s.r.o. provides a broad range of services for machinery operation; we offer a comprehensive approach encompassing technical, operating and maintenance services ranging from highly professional jobs such as maintenance of ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling equipment and heating systems to the operation and maintenance of engine rooms and heat-exchanger plants, including control systems. Our primary goals are client satisfaction and the continuous improvement of services.

The services provided include servicing and comprehensive utility facility management
1) guarantee servicing on utility facilities
2) post-guarantee servicing on utility facilities
3) guarantee and post-guarantee servicing on utility facilities on the basis of a servicing contract
4) comprehensive management, servicing and operation of utility facilities
5) operation of ventilation and cooling engine rooms, boiler rooms, and heat-exchanger plants

Guarantee servicing on utility facilities
We run guarantee servicing and maintenance interventions on equipment in the event of a malfunction or accident based on the conditions of the effective contractual relationship with respect to the commission executed.

Post-guarantee servicing of utility facilities
Post-guarantee servicing is typically performed on the basis of purchase orders and aims at regular servicing. Maintenance interventions in the event of a malfunction or accident are performed upon mutual agreement with the client in order to satisfy their particular requirement.

Guarantee and post-guarantee servicing on the basis of a servicing contract
This service offer to our clients includes regular preventive inspection aimed at minimising possible malfunction events while maintaining the equipment in an operable condition. In the event of a malfunction, the company is bound to eliminate it within the contractual period.

Comprehensive management, servicing and operation of utility facilities
Comprehensive management, servicing and operation of utility facilities comprises the operation, maintenance and servicing of technological equipment and round-the-clock emergency and accident service.
Furthermore, we provide everyday operation, preventive maintenance and repairs of all building technological equipment. We run ordinary and preventive maintenance based on a pre-prepared Preventive and Maintenance Work Schedule using our own maintenance workers and via professional and specialist companies. We observe the due dates and run all inspections and checks on the building technologies in accordance with the valid legislation.
These activities include the maintenance of a round-the-clock call desk where malfunctions can be reported 24 hours a day, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. We guarantee an intervention by our field accident service staff in your building within 2 hours of the malfunction report.

Operation of ventilation and cooling engine rooms, boiler rooms, and heat-exchanger plants
All jobs are performed by trained personnel whose duties include the monitoring of the day-to-day operation of your technological equipment in terms of safety, economy and reliability. Furthermore, we run preventive checks, tests, inspection and maintenance on each part of your equipment in accordance with the manufacturers’ and suppliers’ operating instructions and conditions, within set deadlines, including the development of the necessary documentation. We perform scheduled repairs and preventive maintenance on equipment as governed by valid legal regulations, continuous monitoring and evaluation of malfunction statuses. We ensure the development of operating rules and complete documentation for the operation of technological equipment. We keep comprehensive records in operational journals.
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